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College introduction

The College of Chinese Language and Literature enjoys tremendous faculty strength, with a 102-member faculty, including 80 full-time faculty, among which, there are 44 professors, 17 associate professors, 2 Senior Professors of Wuhan University, 2 New Century Outstanding Talents of Ministry of Education, 2 chief experts in the research and construction project of Marxist theory, 1 “Renowned Teacher” at the provincial level.  The College has over 1200 undergraduates and graduates. It boasts the Department of Chinese Literature, Department of Chinese Language and Culture, Department of College Chinese, Institute of Collation of Ancient Books, Magazine of Yangtze River Academic, the General Office of the College, the Reference Room, the Practical Teaching Centre, the Training and Testing Center of Mandarin.

         The College has the doctoral degree and postdoctoral program in the first-class discipline of Chinese Language and Literature, with Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature as a national key discipline and a Hubei provincial advantage discipline, Chinese Ancient Literature as a national key sub-discipline and a Hubei provincial characteristic discipline, Chinese Language and Literature as a Hubei provincial key discipline. The sub-discipline Ph.D programs and master’s degree programs include Theory of Literature and Art, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Chinese Philology, Study of Chinese Classical Text,  Chinese Ancient Literature, Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature, Comparative Literature and World Literature, Writing Theory & Practice, TCFL etc. The College has been offering several undergraduate programs, including Chinese Language and Literature (the national characteristic discipline and Hubei provincial specialized discipline, TCSL, the experimental class of Humanities, the experimental class of Chinese Classics (jointed with College of History and College of Philosophy). The College also established a Confucius Institute with the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania.
          The College boasts several research institutes and centers including the National Institute of Chinese Language and Social Development which is established and managed together by the Language Information Management Department of Ministry of Education and WHU, the Language and Intelligence Processing Research Base of Hubei Province,  the Modern Human Resources Research Center of Hubei Province, Chinese Traditional Culture Research Center which is established and managed together by the College of History and College of Philosophy), Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Center of Hubei Province, Chinese Language and Literature Collection and Research Center of WHU, Chinese Literature Communication and Reception Research Center, The Center for Comparative Study of Chinese and Foreign Literature, Writing Research Institute, the Research Institute of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Research Institute of Wen Yiduo, Research Institute of Huang Kan etc.
          The well-known scholars of the college include (ranking in the strokes of their last names): Yu Ting, Wan Xianchu, Wang Zhaopeng, Fang Chang’an, Deng Fulu, Lu Liehong, Ye Liwen, Feng Xuefeng, Feng Liming, Liu Litang, Li Jianzhong, Xiao Yi, Wu Tianming, Wu Guangzheng, Wang Shudong, Zhang Yancheng, Zhang Jie, Zhang Rongyi, Zhang Jie, Zhang Jianfei, Chen Shuiyun, Chen Wenxin, Chen Guo’en, Chen Jianjun, Chen Shunzhi, Shang Yongliang, Luo Jiyong, Jin Hongyu, Yu Kexun, Zong Fubang, Zhao Xiaoqi, Zhong Shulin, Zhao Shiju, Luo Ruihe, Gao Wenqiang, Tu Xianfeng, Xiong Guifeng, Xiao Hong, Xiao Guozheng, Xiao Ying, Cao Jianguo, Han Xiaojing, Cheng Yun, Lu Xiaojun, He Lin, Tan Xinhong, Fan Xing.


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